是时候转型了——领先的跨国公司为所有人过上好日子制定了紧急行动议程, 在地球范围内.

The World Business Council for Sustainable 发展 (WBCSD) supported by leading global companies, 发射“2050年正规博彩十大网站:是时候转型了”, with nine pathways to action across industries to ensure a more sustainable and prosperous future.

发表: 2021年3月25日
类型: 新闻

瑞士日内瓦,2021年3月25日: The world faces three critical challenges: the climate emergency, 自然丧失和日益加剧的不平等. The COVID-19 pandemic has illustrated that these challenges are interconnected, and that our systems are ill-prepared for shocks. 随着全球风险不断累积, 正规博彩十大网站(World business Council for Sustainable 发展, WBCSD)制定了一项大胆而紧迫的转型议程,商界领袖们正在为此团结一致。, a CEO-led organization of over 200 leading companies.

2050年正规博彩十大网站:是时候转型了 sets a shared vision of a world in which more than 9 billion people are able to live well, 在地球范围内, by 2050. 为了实现这一正规博彩十大网站, 我们需要大规模的转型, 业务需要将其行动集中在能够最好地领导系统转换的领域.

《2050年正规博彩十大网站:变革的时代》描绘了系统如何变革,并为指导未来十年的业务行动制定了新的框架. At the heart of this framework are nine transformation pathways – actionable routes for companies to take – covering the areas of business activity that are essential to society: energy; transportation and mobility; living spaces; products and materials; financial products and services; connectivity; health and wellbeing; water and sanitation; and 食物.

正规博彩十大网站和转型路径与正规博彩十大网站排名目标和《正规博彩十大网站》的具体目标保持一致. Each of the nine transformation pathways contains ten action areas for the decade ahead, designed to help companies drive transformative change in their strategies, 商业运作和对社会的影响.

To move beyond business-as-usual into the accelerated transformations necessary, business leaders must adopt three mindset shifts: reinventing capitalism that rewards true value creation; focusing on building long-term resilience; and taking a regenerative approach beyond doing no harm.

而企业可以发挥主导作用, it must work on and design systems transformations, 和科学家一起, 政策制定者, 金融家和投资者, 创新者和消费者. 只有在前所未有的水平上进行合作,才能产生所需的影响和速度,以便到2050年实现所有人在地球边界内生活得更好.

《2050年正规博彩十大网站:变革的时代》不应该认为明天将和今天大同小异. This is a report for change, starting now, outlining how business needs to play a leading role. 我们没有时间可以浪费了. Achieving this vision requires a wholesale transformation of everything we have grown up with: energy needs to decarbonize; materials need to go circular; 食物 needs to be produced sustainably and equitably and provide healthy diets”, WBCSD总裁兼首席执行官彼得·巴克说. “我们的未来取决于转型. One of the keys to success will be a mindset shift around capitalism. 我们的经济制度, 激励, 全球会计准则和资本市场估值不能再仅仅基于企业的财务业绩:我们必须将我们对人类和地球的影响作为我们定义成功和确定企业价值的一部分.”

报告的前言, signed by 42 top executives from WBCSD member companies, 向全球企业发出集体呼吁, 强调:“企业可以发挥领导作用. Business can forge the collaborations required to drive change. 它可以,但更重要的是,它必须. 追求《2050年正规博彩十大网站》中提出的转型符合企业利益——因为其长期成功取决于与之进行贸易的繁荣社会, 还有一个适合我们生存的健康星球.”

The launch of 2050年正规博彩十大网站 follows the announcement in October 2020, , WBCSD, 与成员一起, 透过提出一套新准则,提高商界对正规博彩十大网站排名承诺的标准,作为水务署成员条件的一部分. 新标准还侧重于我们社会面临的三大优先正规博彩十大网站排名挑战:气候紧急情况, 自然损失和不平等.

另外, WBCSD期望其成员公司在企业管治和透明度方面达到最高标准, aimed at enhancing the comparability of data for investors and other stakeholders. 在接下来的几个月和几年里, 水务署将继续与其成员和合作伙伴共同努力,实现所需的转变,“实现正规博彩十大网站排名”。.

For more information, please visit our dedicated 展望2050网站.


“We find ourselves at a time in history where an aspirational, 要加快向更可持续的未来过渡,共同正规博彩十大网站比以往任何时候都更加重要. 为了过渡到并实现真正的正规博彩十大网站排名,我们需要清楚地知道我们要去哪里, 还有一条要出发的路. 展望2050, WBCSD成员公司聚集在一起,为未来十年的商业领导力重新设定基准.”
Sunny Verghese, Olam – Co-Founder and Group CEO, 奥兰国际 & WBCSD的椅子

“要让我们的企业走向未来,就需要我们改变对企业弹性的看法. 2050年正规博彩十大网站 underlines how companies must recognize that they are only as resilient as the ecosystems, 社区, 经济体, 以及他们所处的社会, and that true resilience isn’t about withstanding change but instead embracing it.”
Keryn James -集团首席执行官,嗯

“这是一个真正的转变, 超越增量改进, is needed to transform society and achieve a more sustainable future, 符合《正规博彩十大网站》. Achieving transformation requires a ramping up of ambition and action among all companies, 它们是否在能量范围内运行, 医疗保健, 食物, 金融, 运输或其他系统. WBCSD的2050年正规博彩十大网站确定了每个系统实现大规模转型的途径.”
Remi Eriksen, 挪威船级社 AS集团总裁兼首席执行官

“The COVID-19 pandemic has brought vulnerabilities to the surface, underscoring just how fragile and interdependent many of our most vital systems are. 尽管付出了巨大的人力和财力代价, 大流行也创造了一个机会,以完全不同的速度推动和加速变革. 我们现在有一个独特但正在迅速关闭的行动机会之窗——是时候改变我们的企业和社会了.”
Nadir Godrej – Managing Director, 高德瑞治产业 Limited

《2050年正规博彩十大网站:变革的时代》为商业社区提供了对支持世界所需的变革所需的商业行动的独特、全面和集体的理解. It will now take courage and resilience from us all to make this vision a reality.”
Andrea Álvares – Chief Brand, Innovation, International and Sustainability Officer, 自然

“To lay the foundations for a truly prosperous world for people and planet by 2050, we need to address climate change and employ a truly regenerative mindset. 这意味着系统地思考和行动,恢复正在衰退的关键环境和社会系统.”
Magdi Batato – Executive Vice President, Head of Operations, 雀巢

“市场经济有潜力帮助解决我们的社会和地球所面临的最深刻的挑战. 但这需要根本性的改变. 我们的经济和商业模式, which are designed to deliver financial performance as a priority, 必须立即改变,以满足更广泛的利益相关者和环境可持续性的需求. 2050年正规博彩十大网站 is an important contribution to highlight how this can happen.”
Colm Kelly – Global Leader, Purpose, Policy and Corporate Responsibility, 普华永道

“《2050年正规博彩十大网站》及其正规博彩十大网站如何共同建设一个让90多亿人生活得更好的世界的框架, serve as a powerful guiding star for the global business community. It makes clear that this vision is still within reach—but we have to come together and act faster. The decade ahead of us is critical and every day offers the opportunity to drive impact.”
Gayle Schueller – Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer, 3M

“As we emerge from the pandemic, it is clear the world has changed. 我们都有责任采取行动,应对气候紧急情况的重大挑战, 自然丧失和日益加剧的不平等 we are currently facing. 2050正规博彩十大网站的九条路径将激励企业采取大胆的步骤,为我们的地球带来切实的改变, 我们的人民和我们的社区.”
Dominic Blakemore, Compass Group PLC首席执行官

“2050年正规博彩十大网站-变革的时代为实施正规博彩十大网站排名战略和行动提供了具体的目标和途径. Action is the best way to release a manifesto - business takes action, 与持份者一起取得进展, and contributes to sustainable development actively.”
中国石化股份有限公司董事局主席曹耀峰. & 中国石油化工集团公司副总裁

WBCSD member companies that engaged in the development of 2050年正规博彩十大网站:是时候转型了 were: 3M, 安迅能, Arcadis, 阿塞洛-米塔尔, 巴斯夫, 拜耳, 香奈儿, 挪威船级社, 需求侧管理, EDF集团, ENGIE, 嗯, EY, 富士通, 奇, 高德瑞治产业, 德国汉高, 敌我识别, 宜家集团, 微软公司, 三菱公司的, 自然, Neste公司, 雀巢, 奥兰国际, 普华永道, 荷兰合作银行, 桑坦德银行, 壳牌, Sompo日本保险公司., 此外, 先正达, 航海家公司, 丰田汽车公司, 联合利华, 淡水河谷, 大众汽车, 和雅苒.

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