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作者: WBCSD亚太区执行董事Joe Phelan
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In the heart of Southeast Asia, Indonesia is gearing up to become the world's fourth-largest economy[1] by 2045. The nation's growth story is fueled by a burgeoning population, rising middle class[2]经济持续增长. 然而, Indonesia faces a crucial challenge: how to harmonize its economic ambitions with its commitment to combat climate change, 确保长期可持续增长.

The Indonesian government has set its sights on achieving net-zero emissions by 2060, with an interim target of reaching net-zero emissions in Forestry and Other Land Use by 2030. 令人鼓舞的是, 该国的土地使用政策已开始产生效果, 显著的标志是森林砍伐的显著减少[3]. 但前方的道路需要微妙的平衡, 共同努力减少温室气体排放, 保护和恢复自然, 保持经济增长.

这个难题的一个关键部分是私营部门的作用. 他们的财政资源, 行业知识, 敏捷而迅速地领导基层行动, 他们在推动印尼正规博彩十大网站排名议程方面发挥着关键作用. 7月, I visited APRIL Group's Kerinci operations in Riau and witnessed firsthand the capabilities of private sector players and their approach to managing their environmental impact.


最让我震惊的是他们的业务规模. APRIL Group manages an astounding 1 million hectares of concession land in Riau, 大约有450个,000 hectares dedicated to plantations for pulp and paper production—more than twice the size of Tokyo. 除了, APRIL Group nurtures more than 200 million seedlings in its nursery every year, 然后种植在种植园里. 每棵树都经过精心的照料, from tissue culture propagation to daily monitoring of root formation and stem growth.

作为印尼零净目标的一部分, the country is gradually phasing out coal use and APRIL Group's operations in Riau are spearheading this shift toward more renewable energy sources. 以支持其气候目标, APRIL Group is optimizing its energy efficiency by replacing fossil fuels with renewable and cleaner sources such as solar energy. By 2030, the company has set an ambition to install 50 MW of solar energy; and has started transitioning to electric vehicles, 已有10辆电动巴士用于员工交通.  

作为2030年正规博彩十大网站排名目标的一部分, which build on the commitments in the company’s Sustainable Forest Management 2.0, APRIL Group is targeting at least 90% of its mill energy to be supplied from renewables and clean energy sources.

What stood out to me during my visit was the incredible commitment to sustainable energy practices. The dedication and resources invested in renewable energy sources were truly impressive and bode well for Indonesia’s climate ambitions.



Peatlands are nature’s unsung heroes in removing carbon from the atmosphere, 印度尼西亚拥有超过2400万公顷的土地[4] 这些有价值的碳汇. Proper management of these peatlands is important, yet a recent study showed that less than 16%[5] of Indonesia’s peatlands are protected, indicating a pressing need for increased efforts.

然而,恢复泥炭地并非没有挑战. It is a complex and costly endeavor that requires careful planning and execution. 即便如此, 成功与否往往取决于天气条件等可变因素, 害虫和入侵物种的威胁, 以及对修复区域的持续维护. A visit to APRIL Group's Restorasi Ekosistem Riau (RER) forest restoration concession area revealed the enormity of the challenge, 尤其是考虑到, 泥炭地. One of their biggest challenges in restoring the forests involves sequencing plant growth, 减少阻碍生长的物种, 这样就给大树留出了更多的空间. RER是四月1对1承诺的关键要素, through which it aims to conserve natural forest areas that are equal in size to its plantation forest areas. 目前,该公司已经完成了这一目标的80%.

在我访问期间, it became clear to me that science plays a crucial role in understanding peatland emissions, and APRIL Group is actively involved in primary research in this area to understand the actual emissions exchange between managed, 保护和退化的泥炭地. They have invested in GHG emission studies with partners such as the NUS Centre for 自然-based 气候 Solutions in Singapore, to drive tech innovations that will enhance the credibility of nature-based climate solutions.

除了, their investments in an Eco Research Camp which includes a dedicated Peat Lab research facility, 靠近高铁区域, helps attracts global scientific talent and knowledge partners for research into sensitive peatland forest landscapes and protection of biodiversity.



而自然环境是爱普乐集团业务运营的核心, 我们不能忽视它对该地区当地社区的重要性. 通过四月集团的倡议,如消防自由村计划(FFVP), they have seen a 90% reduction in fire damage in communities that are part of the program since it was launched in 2015. 此外, programs focused on rural women empowerment and support for local farmers and micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) have created thousands of jobs and improved livelihoods for many.

廖内省之行给我留下了几个难忘的印象. The scale of land managed and protected by APRIL Group and their ability to optimize systems for productive use is impressive. 然而, what I will remember most is the vital role of communities in protecting their forests. APRIL Group has demonstrated that fostering a sense of ownership and providing economic incentives to local communities is essential for effective forest conservation.

总之, the private sector has a pivotal role in Indonesia's journey towards net-zero emissions and sustainable development, 爱普乐集团的经验对行业有很多借鉴意义. The 正规博彩十大网站(WBCSD) is committed to supporting our member companies in bridging the gap for sustainability. 在我们继续合作的过程中, we look forward to witnessing Indonesia's progress as it navigates the intricate path of balancing economic growth with climate responsibility.

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