Carbon Capture, Storage and Removal

Most climate scenarios agree limiting global temperature rise to 1.5°C without using Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) is unlikely. 的 International 能源 Agency (国际能源机构) estimates that the required carbon capture from fossil fuels for a net zero emissions energy system will be around 3.2050年的5Gtpa. It is also becoming clear that multiple gigatonnes of carbon removal will be needed by 2050 to: contribute to short-term climate mitigation, neutralize hard-to-abate emissions at net zero and help achieve net-negative emissions thereafter.  


    捕捉技术, store and/or remove carbon is available, but there are only around 30 operating facilities around the globe with a CO2 sequestration capacity of 43 Mtpa. 的 deployment of CCS technologies must be accelerated to achieve a scale over 100 times greater than the present capacity by 2050. 主要障碍包括:  

    • Techno-economic challenges for CCS technology 

    • A cost on carbon or other financial incentives  

    • Economics and risks of shared infrastructure  

    • 政策框架 

    • Perception issues of the role of CCS in achieving net zero emissions   


    根据 国际能源机构, the overall cost to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050 would be USD $15 trillion higher without CCS. This is due to significantly higher investments needed in renewable electricity, energy storage and other decarbonization technologies for the hard-to-abate sectors. Developing hubs in industrial clusters will be key activities for a just transition due to job creation and preservation of existing industries. It will also pave the way for cost-effective deployment of technological removals by sharing infrastructure.  


    正规博彩十大网站排名 represent the full CCS value chain and collaborate to create practical tools for companies to address the barriers to scaling CCS. 的 work covers the following themes: 

    • Storage – investigating and advancing enabling mechanisms for geological storage to achieve a ‘geological’ net-zero emissions. 

    • Capture – identifying use cases and key levers for carbon capture deployment to help increase project investment decisions for emitters and removals project developers. 

    • Removals – guiding companies on ambitious carbon removal purchasing strategies to increase demand for a diverse range of quality methods across both nature and technology. 

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