Task Force on 气候-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) Response and 发展

Financial markets need better, more comparable and complete information about climate change. The Task Force on 气候-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) aims to address this issue through their Recommendations, designed to help companies disclose climate-related financial risks and opportunities. To support the implementation of the recommendations, WBCSD and the TCFD work together with member companies on key questions, challenges and development opportunities.


    One of the essential functions of financial markets is to price risk to support informed, efficient capital-allocation decisions. Accurate and timely disclosure of operating and financial results are fundamental to this. 然而,, one of the most significant, and perhaps most misunderstood, risks that organizations face today relates to the physical and transitional impact of climate change.


    一致的, comparable and reliable information will improve how climate-related risks are assessed, 定价和管理. Companies can more effectively measure and evaluate their risks and act on opportunities; investors can make informed capital allocation decisions; and lenders, 保险公司, underwriters will be better able to evaluate their risks and exposure over the short, 媒介, 和长期.


    We bring leading companies together to discuss disclosure practices, work that’s needed to enhance disclosure effectiveness and implement the TCFD recommendations. We help members shape and prepare for anticipated regulatory requirements and develop strategic scenario and resilience assessment techniques. We have worked with priority sectors including Oil & Gas, Electric Utilities, Chemicals, Construction & Building Materials, Autos & 食物, 农业 and Forest Products. We now have cross sector groups and a focus on the energy and land systems.

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